WBHI Hosts Mammogram Screening at No Cost, By Appointment Only 6/23/22

WBHI Hosts Mammogram Screening at No Cost, By Appointment Only
Thursday, 06/23/2022-, 10:00 am-04:00 pm
Fresco y Más
1630 W 49th Street,
Hialeah, FL, Florida, 33012
Cost: Free, by appointment

Requiring social distancing? YES
Requiring masks? YES
Providing hand sanitizer? YES

The Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative Hosts Mammogram Screenings on National Pink Day June 23rd

Summer Breast Cancer Awareness On-Site at Fresco y Más in Hialeah
Provides Breast & Heart Screenings at No Cost to the General Public

On this National Pink Day, June 23rd, The Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative (WBHI)— a leader in disease prevention and early detection community outreach— reminds women that ‘You Matter, Get Your Mammogram’, ensuring self-care this summer with timely breast and heart screenings.

Women are encouraged to contact WBHI to schedule their mammograms at no cost by calling 305-825-4081.

Valued partner Jackson Health System will also be on-site providing heart screenings, presenting a more comprehensive preventive care approach. As WBHI’s collaborating partner that cares deeply about the community, Fresco y Más in Hialeah will host the second annual breast and heart screenings event to be held on National Pink Day, June 23rd by appointment only.

Macy’s adds some glamour to the day while supporting good health for all by providing gift cards to everyone who completes a screening at the event and offering raffle drawings for specialty fragrance baskets.

Everyone near and far can get involved. Can’t make it to Hialeah? Show your support of the campaign by sharing pink inspired photos and messages on social media using the hashtag #WBHIPinkDay and tagging Facebook @TheWBHI and Instagram @WBHI on National Pink Day, June 23rd for awareness and remembrance.

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer over their lifetime; and the death rate has increased. Delayed, or missed cancer screenings could mean diagnosis at a later stage with a poorer prognosis. With pink being the color representing breast cancer, WBHI’s Summer Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign on National Pink Day provides access to critical resources that help beat the odds of breast cancer. In addition, WBHI will present risk reduction strategies for heart disease which is the leading cause of death for women.

“Our summer breast cancer campaign on National Pink Day reminds women that ‘You Matter. Get Your Mammogram’, and practice disease prevention and early detection,” states Andrea Ivory, WBHI’s Founder and Executive Director. “Breast cancer is diagnosed year-round, but the good news is that early detection and disease deterrent lifestyles help transform and saves lives”.

A leader in fostering healthy communities, WBHI was recently designated the first official Florida license plate designed to support Disease Prevention & Early Detection. Pre-sale vouchers are available at flbreasthealth.com/licenseplate to provide increased education and awareness relating to early detection, prevention, and screening of breast and heart issues. For more information on The Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative, visit https://flbreasthealth.com/.