Earth Day Water & Wellness Event 4/22/21

Earth Day Water & Wellness Event
Thursday, 04/22/2021-, 09:00 am-11:00 am
Cost: Free

A virtual Earth Day event that brings together top medical minds and environmental experts to discuss how water quality impacts the overall wellness and health of Florida’s communities.

Every Floridian and American at large is affected by adverse environmental issues, especially those which pertain to bodies of water. Some are more noticeable than others which means that many times these phenomena cause a wide variety of hostile implications that are not fully understood. This panel event will educate the public about how environmental implications directly impact the average person and their health. The panel will also dive into the importance of Everglades restoration and ensuring clean water for millions of Floridians.

Panelists: Eric Eikenberg, CEO of The Everglades Foundation; Robert L. Lord Jr., President of Cleveland Clinic Martin Health; Dr. Mary Beth Saunders, D.O., Infectious Disease Specialist at Lee Health; and Dr. Carl Ruthman, a Pulmonary & Critical Care Physician at NCH Community Hospital, will delve deep into issues surrounding environmental health and how toxic algae, red tide and other environmental scourges impact the medical status of communities. They will also explore climate change’s effect in South Florida as well as the implications of an unhealthy environment. Moderated by Dr. Steve Davis, Senior Ecologist and Vice President of Communications & Engagement for The Everglades Foundation.

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