Mindful Tasting Ritual with CHAWAR- In Honor of International Women’s Day 3/10/21

Mindful Tasting Ritual with CHAWAR- In Honor of International Women’s Day
Wednesday, 03/10/2021-, 06:30 pm-07:20 pm
1 Hotel
2341 Collins Ave,
Miami, Florida, 33139
Cost: 33

Requiring social distancing? YES
Requiring masks? YES
Providing hand sanitizer? YES

In honor of International Women’s Day, we have partnered with CHAWAR agave, an Ecuadorian Spirit hand crafted by Women. CHAWAR is a high-altitude, raw agave spirit from made from indigenous women of the Andes mountains. Hand picked by Ecuador’s first all women’s agave coop. CHAWAR comes from the ancient Andean tradition of harvesting “chawarmishki” the raw sap of Agave Americana.
Join us for a mindful tasting experience, rooted in community & connection and highlighting female entrepreneurship in the food and beverage industry.
You will discover how spirit tasting can be an exercise of meditation, and how breath-work can offer you a new way of appreciating and enjoying your drinks.
This is a full sensory, spirit infused breath & sound journey that will immediately bring you into the present moment through mindful ritual.
The experience is paired with the exclusive use of SOUND OFF noise canceling personal headphones. This allows each participant to individually TUNE IN, focusing on the experience occurring solely in their body – guided by the clear instructions from the ritual leader, powered by meaningful beats and sounds. Limited spots available
In order to comply with CDC guidelines, please wear masks and follow the social distancing guidelines provided at 1 Hotel South Beach.
Ticket includes:
a full intention setting & agave tasting
We will feature a variety of CHAWAR expressions
ceremonial sound bath paired SOUND OFF headphones
closing blessing community toast
women’s circle
(1) CHAWAR Cocktail
@andeanagave – www.drinkchawar.com