An Ancient Sacred Village in Pinecrest 5/16/15

An Ancient Sacred Village in Pinecrest
Saturday, 05/16/2015 – 06/15/2015 06:00 pm – 09:00 pm
Banyan-in-the-Park-1200Pinecrest Gardens Hibiscus Room
11000 Red Road,
Pinecrest, Florida 33156
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Cost: Free

Pinecrest Gardens is the home of a wonderful display of flowers, trees, rock formations and gardens.  In the Garden, there is a large Banyan Tree that is the heart of the Park.  Having grown up in South Miami, Parrot Jungle was one of my favorite parks and remember being able to play among the roots of then a young Banyan.  It is an honor to be able to reflect the beauty of this park through my paintings.

Banyans are considered sacred and it is amazing how these ancient trees are figured so prominently in many cultures. They have used these massive trees as homes and small communities. Even the leaves are considered the resting place of Krishna.  

Banyans have a wonderful way of catching the light and there is so much movement of the roots.  They are all so connected it is reminiscent the way life is so connected and intertwined.

All the paintings in this exhibit are specific to Pinecrest Gardens highlighting the Banyan Tree.  Also included are some solution holes, (one 30,000 years old) exotic and tropical plants, flowers and some animals.  

Please come to see the park through my eyes in these paintings.