Photographs of Art Basel Week Monday 12/1/14

Art Basel Week on Monday, December 1, 2014. Spent most of the day setting up our Life Is Art booth at Spectrum Miami. Started at Ping Pong kickoff at the Alfrd I. Dupont Building with very interesting cutting edge work. Popped right across the street to the White Building for Michele Fontaniere Pop Up Gallery honoring the Foundation Of The Americas 21st Anniversary Celebration. Next stop was the Design District for Miami Magazine Celebrate Art Week Miami with LEBO. Stopped in for the Spinello opening of The Magic of Kris Knight. Next on the list was something completely different with the Pop-Up Street Art Exhibition to Celebrate Miami Marine Stadium, an international gathering of some of the most amazing street artists. Lastly, we finally made it to the private exhibition opening of ARTECHO. TECHO is a fabulous, youth-led non-profit that fights homelessness and poverty in Latin America.

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