Photographs of Opening Reception at The Bakehouse Art Complex on 9/12/14

Sway Away and Convoluted Shape by Jamilah Sabur Opening Reception  at The Bakehouse Art Complex on Friday, September 12, 2014.

Sway Away exhibition is in the Audrey Love Gallery from September 10 – September 28.  “This show will feature two- and three- dimensional artworks representing the artists’ interpretation and capture of movement. Kinetic and site specific projects will be the focus creating a direct dialogue between science, physics and the arts.”

Convoluted Shape by Jamilah Sabur is in the Swenson Gallery from September 10 – October 18. “This exhibition studies the interdisciplinary uses of the body as a vehicle for expression. Jamilah Sabur opens the exhibition on September 12th with a multi-channel video installation and performance encompassing the interplay of inwardness and the secondariness of the audience through movement, concealment, obstacles and physical limitations as well as spontaneous and imperfect, sometimes comic, unrehearsed movements. The results illustrate the perverse rule the artist seems to have discovered: the less she can see, the more we, an audience, look.”

The Bakehouse Art Complex Mission:
 “Enable and encourage artistic creativity through diversity and collaboration.  By providing affordable studio spaces for juried emerging and mid-career artists
 Providing exhibition opportunities, educational and artist advancement programming, and common workshop spaces. Serve as a cultural hub providing a venue for performance and critical thought in Miami’s historic art deco bakery”

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