Fordistas Presents New Artist Exhibition Newspeak By Jufe 5/10/14

Fordistas Presents New Artist Exhibition “Newspeak” By Jufe
Saturday, 05/10/2014 – 07:00 pm –
2311 NW 2nd Avenue,
Miami, Florida 33127
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Fordistas is pleased to present a new exhibition, “Newspeak,” by Puerto Rican artist JUFE at the Yo <3 305 Gallery in Wynwood. JUFE’s latest exhibition, ‘Newspeak’, sets out to explore the short-form language that is quickly redefining how we communicate one pixel at a time: Emoji.

Drawing inspiration from the fictional short-form language created by the totalitarian state in George Orwell’s novel 1984, JUFE’s ‘Newspeak’ focuses on the benefits of today’s widespread use of Emoji as a short-form communication. To JUFE, Emoji’s have increased our ability to express universal emotions otherwise difficult to articulate through syllables.

“Emoji’s are more open. They help us break down existing language barriers,” explains JUFE, who chose to capture 20 of his most used Emoji’s on canvas.

During his solo exhibition, a series of limited edition signed prints will be made available for purchase ranging from $20-$100, the complete proceeds of which will benefit Salute to Education (

About Fordistas

The Fordistas program is a platform for emerging arts + culture powered by South Florida Ford. Following the success of the 2013 Art Basel exhibition Friends and Family, street artists Axel Void, 2ALAS, Jufe, Pastel, Jaz, 2501 and Alexis Diaz, will be provided with a year-long residency through which Fordistas will make available living quarters, materials, the opportunity to feature their work in solo Art Walk exhibitions as well as to develop their work within a talent space where the local meets the global in order to demonstrate South Florida’s influence upon their work and vice versa.

The Fordistas Residency Program will culminate during Art Basel 2014 for a final exhibition that will document the process of these artists brought together by the collective in order to showcase not only how their work is affected by the city and, in turn, how the city affects their creative expression but also how relationships inform and transform artistic production.

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