Distant Bats for Skip Snow Opening Reception 11/26/13

Distant Bats (for Skip Snow) Opening Reception + more
distantpartsTuesday, November 26 at 7pm
ArtCenter’s Listening Gallery
810 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139

ArtCenter, AIRIE, and Irreversible Magazine join Subtropics.org in celebration of the sound installation, Distant Bats (for Skip Snow). The opening reception will take place tomorrow starting at 7pm in the lobby of ArtCenter’s 810 building.

Distant Bats (for Skip Snow) is a minimal sound installation project featuring bat calls recorded by Gustavo Matamoros in the Everglades National Park. In the installation, these calls are intended to function as impulse responses for the acoustic activation of natural resonance in the reverberant environment that contains it. For this Listening Gallery version, its natural resonances are also artificially enhanced.

Copies of Irreversible Magazine will be available during the reception, some containing a simpler version of the installation in CD format accompanying an article by David Dunn.