FATVillage Artwalk and After Party 5/25/13

FATVillage Artwalk and After Party
fat villageFATVillage Artwalk
Saturday, May 25, 2013, 7:00 – 11:00 pm
1st Avenue Between 6th Street & 4th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL

After Party Green Room
11:00 – 4:00 AM
109 SW 2nd Ave
Downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Guild Five Forty Five
“The Artist in Me”
Welcome to our newest Villagers, The Guild, Five Forty Five.  In early May, the Guild hosted a field trip of about 60 first and second graders in the Meet the Masters program from Virginia Shuman Young school. They spent a few hours in the Village, met some artists, visited their galleries and attended a letterpress workshop at the Guild. Artwalk will feature a selection of the work of the students, a showcase of photos from the field trip, a video documentary of interviews with the kids and the premier of the Guild Photo Booth. Be photo ready for the fun in the photo booth.

The Projects, North and South
“Catalyst” closing reception
Curators/artists Leah Brown and Peter Symons have brought together a diverse, international group of artists who are utilizing digital technology to create innovative work exploring our changing and often uncomfortable new relationship with the technologies that have become essential to the way we define ourselves. Projection mapping, interactive video installation, digital fabrication, and virtual spaces made real are combined in this immersive exhibition that spans both the Projects/South and Projects/North art spaces.

Projects/South is transformed by Psalm, a new, site-specific installation by 3PQ, the artist collective made up of acclaimed South Florida essentials, Sinisa Kukec, Freddy Jouwayed, and Stephan Tugrul. Using a combination of physical and projected space, 3PQ creates an immersive experience for the viewer.

Projects/North is a digital whirlwind of moving image and sound, where the viewer must engage with the technology to become part of the exhibition. Artists in this space are: Balam Soto, Amitesh Grover, Nadya Primak, Brian Davis, Jesse England, Claudio Castillo, Luke Jenkins, Arun Matta, and Leah Brown and Peter Symons.

In The Cube v.2.5, New Media Artist Balam Soto utilizes hacked game controllers and physical computing in an interactive installation that links tangible and digital reality.
517 & 523 NW 1st Ave.

Cadence Pop Up Gallery
“Play Your City” continuation
“Play Your City” piano, by artist Brian Buzzella ‘Endless 88′ on display, viewing of Richard Vergez’s short film "prepared piano" and mystery performers.  Make sure to pick up a map of the piano brigades’ locations around Downtown Fort Lauderdale and post your pictures of the pianos on instagram at #FTLPlayYourCity.
435 N Andrews

Rolling Stock Gallery
“Broke & Vinyl”
An all vinyl audio celebration not to be missed.
506 NW 1st Ave

Julio Green Art Studio
Face Off by Julio Green and JoAnn Nava, closing reception
A collaboration of faces by local artists Julio Green and JoAnn Nava.  Each face is $50, a steal from these talented artists.  While you are there check out Francisco’s original art from recycled soda cans!
115 NW 5th Street

C & I Studios
The Green Light Gentleman’s Bar,  8:00 – 11:00
In the spirit of the Great Gatsby, C & I Studios will be celebrating high society living in a roaring 20’s style speakeasy.  Flappers, gangsters and a ban on alcohol that had everyone and their mother drinking in secret, the 1920s embodied a certain dazzling decadence and risqué mystery that inspires creative celebrations.  Come dolled up in your zoot suits and flapper fringe dresses, and keep it classy.
541 NW 1st Ave

Project Fine Art
Elle Schorr, Solo Exhibition and May #HELIUMCREATIVE365 Challenge
”My work is informed by lifelong passions for contemporary art, architecture and photography.”  …Elle Schorr
Elle Schorr’s works may look like photo collages, but they are always single photographs, capturing, in a split second, her unique, conflicting and overlapping impressions of our fast paced contemporary world, with all its sounds, contradictions and confusion.
500 NW 1st Avenue

World and Eye Studio
“Modern Still Lives”
In the times of the Dutch masters every object in a Still Life was imbued with symbolism known to the general public. The rose was the virgin, Venus and love while the butterfly was transformation and resurrection. These were often related to religious themes. While the genre may have changed, artists have never stopped being fascinated by objects and the meanings behind them. How can objects symbolize and relate to our lives now?  Featuring the works of Blanca Beatriz Caraballo, Rosa Naday Garmendia, JoAnn Nava, Isabel Perez Salazar and Sharon White.
109 NW 5th Street

InduArt Studio
Featuring, “Flame of Love”
Unique pieces created by Paul from repurposed machinery.  Yard sculptures, household items and guitars, all from machinery pieces,  on display.
445 NW 1st Avenue

Samsara Folk Art Gallery
Featuring a diverse display of Southern Folk Artists with a wide variety of sizes and prices.
501 NW 1st Ave

Other Village Events:
Andrews Living Arts Studio – “Rent”, May 9th – June 16th.  Thursdays thru Sunday, 8:00 pm. $29.95.  http://andrewslivingarts.com/ for reservations.

World and Eye – World and Eye is proud to present the premier performance of COLLIDE by Abel Beron Cornejo on May 31 and June 1 at 8:00pm and June 2 at 2pm. Tickets $10 Reservations 954-756-1071. 
Particles in the sky searching for meaning and belonging. This is the story of how one woman’s universe suddenly collapses. Millions of planets are in the galaxy. Four just happened to COLLIDE on the earth. Four relationships faced with choosing realities and confronting their fears.109 NW 5th Street
C & I Studios  – “Live at C&I Studios” happens the third Saturday of every month and Movie Night happens  1st Saturday of every month.  .  http://www.c-istudios.com

Make sure to include the rest of our galleries in your visit:
Bonney Goldstein Art Studio
The Puppet Network
Henning Haupt Gallery
Sixth Star Entertainment
Judith Schwab Studio
Socially Engaged Gallery
Gallery at Farmer, Jaffe, Weissing, Edwards, Fistos & Lehrman
Donna Haynes Studio
Iron Forge Press

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