Happening Party John Cage Centennial Celebration 9/5/12

Happening Party John Cage Centennial Celebration
pngWednesday, September 5 | 7-11 PM
Audiotheque |
924 Lincoln Road, Studio 201
Miami Beach

On September 5th, it will be 100 years since the birth of America’s favorite experimental composer, the ever-smiling John Cage. So why not throw a party to celebrate it? This “Happening” Party will feature the acoustic offerings by Armando Rodriguez, who will be sharing Irish songs on the Galician bagpipes, and the accordion playing of Pip Brant.  Electronic offerings will include the amusing Jasmine Kastel and her radio bra, as well as the presentation of FLEA, the laptop orchestra directed by Jacob Sudol. The evening will include the baking of an indeterminate birthday cake, goody bags and other pleasant surprises.