Kidsart Artists Come Together This Summer To Bring ‘Senses’ Into Children’s Art Camps 7/28/12 – 8/18/12

Kidsart Artists Come Together This Summer To Bring ‘Senses’ Into Children’s Art Camps
Saturdays, July 28th through August 18th

Registration is open to all children in Miami. KIDSART takes place on five successive Saturday mornings, from July 28th through August 18th, at various artists’ studios. A final exhibition of the children’s work will take place in September. The cost is a donation of $100 dollars per child, which includes all materials and lunches for the duration of the camps.

Artoconecto’s KIDSART returns this summer with an exciting new series of affordable art camps for children in the Miami area,designed to stimulate all five senses, as well as linking the arts and the sciences in a fun and innovative way. The list of prominent Miami artists who will be leading the weekly camps includes Mauricio Gonzalez, Jiae Hwang, David Brieske, Juan Maristany, Patricia Hernandezand Hannes Bend. Each will focus on a single sense: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch, respectively. They will create asensory experience for the kids that will not only arouse their perceptions of the world around them, but remind them as well of their significant place in it.

“We often take our senses for granted,” says Alexandra Rangel, Executive Director of Artoconecto. “We move around without realizing their importance in perceiving and defining the cognitive imagery that allows us to interact with the world around us.Most of us don’t realize how lucky we really are to be able to possess all of them.” These camps will bring each sense into focus by adding the artists’ ‘sensibility’to them,and demonstrate to the kids how precious and unique each sense is.

For three years, the local non-profit Artoconecto, with the generous support of the Miami-Dade Dept. of Cultural Affairs, among others, has conducted affordable art camps for children with notable artists in the Miami area. Last year camps were also conducted simultaneously with camps in Croatia. ‘The Senses’ art camps for children will comprise a diverse group of artists, from different parts of the world, who have chosen Miami as their base camp for creation.