International Biennale Artists Exhibition Miami 2012 Vernissage 6/7/12

International Biennale Artists Exhibition Miami 2012
June 7th -June 26th. Vernissage June 7th , 7-10p.m.
LMNT Gallery
55 NW 36th Street
Miami, Fl 33160

International Biennale Artist Exhibition at LMNT

The International Biennale Artists Exhibition will present a display of international contemporary art in a 3-week show that will take place at LMNT Gallery in the Wynwood Arts District from June 7th to 26th, 2012. The opening reception will take place on Thursday June 7th from 7:00-10:00 pm. On Saturday June 9th at 7:00 pm LMNT will host a charity auction benefitting ArtStudioMiami, healing systemic poverty with creative holistic integration for our local youth.

Artists for Artists, LMNT Hosts International Biennale Artists Exhibition MIAMI
June 7 – 26, 2012

Thursday’s Opening Reception will become an international affair with attendance of acclaimed artists at the Wynwood multiplex venue

For the second time in Miami, the “International Biennale Artists Exhibition” will present a display of international contemporary art by emerging and established artists in a 3-week show that will take place at LMNT Gallery in the Wynwood Arts District from June 7th to 26th, 2012.

As part of LMNT’s mission to unite artists, art lovers, and passionate collectors who value the contemporary arts as a creative expression of human experience, the “International Biennale Artists Exhibition” MIAMI will present an international roster of painters, photographers and sculptors that will exhibit their latest works at the 5,000 square foot Wynwood venue.

Founded by Israeli artist Elisha Ben-Yitzhak the “International Biennale Artists” is comprised of over 700 international artists, who after participating at worldwide biennales and establishing close friendships, have continued to remain active in exhibitions installments.

The “International Biennale Artists Exhibition” MIAMI is curated by Dallas-based artist Matt Anzak who will be presenting the latest works by 56 artists from countries such as Argentina, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Uruguay, the U.S., and Venezuela.

Participants for this edition “International Biennale Artists Exhibition” MIAMI are Alejandro Leyva, Alicia H. Torres, Amalia Brujis, Ana Gilda Galindo, Anabel Rub Peicher, Anica Sphilberg, Antonio Cortes Rolon, Araceli Salcedo, Belina Sierraalta Kowalski, Betty Fleisher, Bronwyn Towle, Carol P. Kingsley, Carolina Rojas, Charlotte Martin, Donna Lee Steffens, Edmund Ian Grant, Elisha Ben Yitzhak, Emilia Garcia, Esther Wertheimer, Francisco Ceron, Gaby Grobo, He Si’en, Jorge Santos, Jaime Ferreyros, Jaime Gagan, James Rodriguez, Jenny Bennett, Jose Pinto, Julio Bordas, Lara Campiglia, Lee Ables, Li Haibing, Lucrecia Diaz, 3, Luis Lamboy, Magi Calhoun, Ma’ayan Robyn Kossoff, Marcia Ramos-Perello, Maria Fernandez Lairet, Myrian Juliao, Nicolantonio Mucciaccia, Osvaldo Sandoval, Pedro E. Avila Gendis, Puneeta Mittal, Raquel Rub, Robin Antar, Salvatore Zagami, Sara (Sari) Friedler, Saul Galavis, Shahn Gross, Silvia Martinez/Kuti, Ted Barr, Teri Starkweather, Tina Susan Salves
en, Ting Huang, and the international multimedia duo, Jaap-Jaapkore.

As an exhibition platform, the “International Biennale Artists Exhibition” MIAMI will link the LMNT space as an international melting pot where different peoples and styles are mixed together exhibiting a varied and dynamic art collection.

On Friday, June 8th, 2012 an educational program will take place at LMNT, a workshop and lecture by Israeli artist Ted Barr. As an innovator of new techniques such as the multi-layered tar painting, Barr carefully controls colors and fluidity creating new textural appearances that captivate viewers.

Barr’s favorite motto is “As Above So Below” meaning that the human body, spirit, society, world and universe are connected as every moon, planet, star, cluster and galaxy are interrelated.

Among the highlights for this year’s International Biennale Artists Exhibition in Miami are American artist Robin Antar- the first female artist to exhibit at NYC’s POP International Galleries; Polish-Canadian bronze sculptor Esther Wertheimer; Peruvian artist Anica Shpilberg; Indian artist Puneeta Mittal and the group’s founder, Israeli artist Elisha Ben-Yitzhak.