PhilanthroFest – A New South Florida Annual Tradition

(Miami, Florida) – After many months of planning and preparation for what came to be Miami’s first ever philanthropic festival, hundreds of residents and visitors strolled through the greenspace grounds of Midtown Miami to take part in a successful, 1st Annual PhilanthroFest event.

More than 75 philanthropic and community organizations came together to share their mission, messages, accomplishments, and future projects and ideas to better the lives of those in need. Categories within these organizations included business development, city/county services, cultural/arts, educational, environmental, health, poverty/welfare and youth services.  People were able to enjoy musical performances, art exhibits, a fashion show, live entertainment, raffles, games and prizes.

Produced by Miami Crawls and Life is Art, PhilanthroFest was designed to celebrate all South Florida non-profit organizations while raising awareness of their different causes and objectives.  Through this festival they hope to explore the needs surrounding the community and help all organizations accomplish their dreams and goals.  PhilanthroFest is scheduled to be an annual outreach festival, also to include educational programs and other community initiatives. 

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