Launch of Yo Soy Hialeah 4/5/12

Launch of Yo Soy Hialeah!
Thursday, April 5th at 10:00am
Walker Community Center e-Library
800 West 29th Street
Hialeah, FL
The public is invited and encouraged to explore Yo Soy Hialeah at

Mayor Carlos Hernandez will announce the public launch of Yo Soy Hialeah at a news conference on April 5th.

Yo Soy Hialeah is an innovative new website and Local Video On Demand initiative dedicated to making video and other interactive media created by Hialeahans, about Hialeahans easier to discover and share.

Yo Soy Hialeah is part of Comcast’s Project Open Voice, a national pilot program designed to improve the reach and broaden the diversity of local programming, including public, educational, and governmental (PEG) media.

“Yo Soy Hialeah is an excellent tool devised by Comcast to showcase, in one place, the vibrancy, talent, creativity, belief in service and dedication to community that we all know exists here in Hialeah,” said Mayor Carlos Hernandez. “Through the incredible vision of Hialeah’s community groups, city staff members, educational institutions and independent producers, all Hialeahans can both either provide or discover the exciting stories that make our City great through any computer or mobile device.”

Yo Soy Hialeah works in close partnership with local groups to support local programming and is designed to complement any current local efforts to highlight the unique destinations and personalities of the City through video and interactive media.
Hialeah was chosen as one of only six markets across the nation to be a part of Project Open Voice because of its diversity, unique community characteristics and strong local activism and is the only one built with a bilingual platform. The five other markets include Fresno, CA; Houston, TX; Medford, MA; Peterborough, NH; and Philadelphia, PA. Find out more about Project Open Voice at

Hialeah organizations, as well as those dedicated to Hialeah and its residents, are encouraged to become Content Partners by applying on the website.

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