News: The Beacon Council video of Miami Marlins President talk on March 6, 2012

This information is supplied via the Beacon Council:

The Beacon Council releases video of Miami Marlins President
The Beacon Council frequently invites business and community leaders to speak to our members as part of our ACCESS series breakfasts. On March 6, Miami Marlins President David Samson was our guest.

More than 50 people attended, including Channel 10 reporter Todd Tongen and his cameraman, Miami Today reporter Scott Blake and his photographer, and a Channel 7 cameraman. Samson spoke candidly about the issues surrounding the new stadium deal. He did not read a prepared speech and came across forthright. We heard positive feedback from the audience.

What happened next is for a university journalism school to review. One or more misquotes in Miami Today made the story run like wildfire through national media outlets. Channel 10 reporter Will Manso released a clip to set the record straight. The rest of the media wanted the video and apparently could not use it from their “competitor.”

Our hired videographer gave it to us March 8 and we had the press come in to make copies because the 51-minutes-long 20-gigabytes video was too large to post on standard sites, such as YouTube or our website. One by one the press produced their own stories. Thankfully, Vimeo has the capacity to post and share.

Watch the entire video:

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