for artists……BY ARTISTS – Featuring painter Pablo Contrisciani 2/19/12

for artists……BY ARTISTS – Featuring painter Pablo Contrisciani
02/19/2012, 7:00pm until 3:00am
HaVen Lounge South Beach
1237 Lincoln Road (on Lincoln Rd & West Avenue)
Miami Beach, Fl 33139

Join us on Sunday, February 19th as we present the comprehensive artists program “for artists…..BY ARTISTS.”

The evening will be dedicated to photographer: Pablo Contrisciani

About Pablo’s Art…..
The painting are the representation of different kind of moods altogether inside of on frame. They have an intense and sensual sense of unity. The shapes and color that was partly knocked down, but mostly electric, and they were improvised and spontaneous but at the same time precise.

The paintings play between these two elemnets: Shape and Color. Sometimes they merge, and sometimes there is tension between them. This play in tension between pictorial surfaces and applied materials creates complex and straightforward layers of expressive abstractions.

These series of paintings unifies oppositions and energizes a blend of rational and emotional notions. They juxtapose humble elements with big gestures and make references to pop culture, to spiritual narratives and to some historical concepts.

Check out Pablo Contisciani’s website:
Pablo’s art pieces will be displayed on the Digital Art Wall Curated by Haven Technical Director Ricardo Agudelo.

Dinner Reservations are available.
Enjoy Culinary Cuisine created by Executive Chef Todd Erickson
Specialty Cocktail Creations by Certified Mixologist Isaac Grillo

Music Provided by George Vidal
Hosted by Sandra Garcia, Leon Morley, & Lola Marie
Produced by Rod Pratt presents

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