El Cangrejito Volador/The Little Flying Crab 2/19/12

El Cangrejito Volador/The Little Flying Crab
Domingos, 11am
Trail Theatre (Catarsis room)
3713 Southwest 8th Street
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Children play. Once upon a time there was a little crab who was building his home in the sand, when suddenly, a wood pigeon appeared and made him a proposition that would change his life forever. Can a little crab without wings fly and live in a tree? Can we achieve our dreams even when they seem out of reach?

In this charming and endearing interpretation of the tale by Onelio Jorge Cardoso, you might discover the secrets and magic of will. The tales of Cardoso, considered the “greatest storyteller” of the Cuban culture, have been translated into over 12 languages. Delicious stories of creatures that hide deep messages behind their apparent simplicity.

Procceds will be destinated to support El Ingenio´s project “Give me a Smile”. “Give me a smile” is an initiative directed to bring theater to social organizations that work with children, the elderly, disabled and low-income population.

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