for Artists……..BY ARTISTS 2/12/12

for Artists……..BY ARTISTS
02/12/2012, 7:00pm until 3:00am
HaVen Lounge South Beach
1237 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, Fl 33139

Join us on Sunday, February 12th as we present the comprehensive artists program “for artists…..BY ARTISTS.”

The evening will be dedicated to photographer: Kike San Martin

If we were to analyze Kike San Martin through a camera lens, what would we find?

With fair certainty, one can say that we would find the same vibrancy, the palpable energy that exudes from the very core of his photographs. We would fin the same boldness and confidence that characterizes his use of color and lighting. We would the soul of an artist. A renaissance artist: guided by technique and form and painstakingly adhering to the discipline required by both. A modern artist undauntedly blazing new paths fusing techniques and form with innovative technology and ingenuity. We would find an artist fashioned and molded in a land of legends, a land resonating with poetry and fertile with motion and song. An artist later transported to a land of opportunity with infinite possibilities to hone his craft. We would also find a soul looking to release and give flight to all of the innate creativity it carries within, giving it free rein on limitless canvases, purposefully and tenaciously. It is precisely these descriptions of the man, of the artist, of Kike San Martin
that are prevalent and clearly evident in his photographs. Photographs, which are true works of art; being unique and inimitable in their originality.
These same photographs will evoke powerful and raw emotions, while transporting you to worlds beyond your imagination.

Without a doubt, the tangible power of his work, the multi layered inner workings of his artist’s soul, the passionate that is Kike San Martin, all give credence to his promise that his next job is certain to be his best job. His camera will attest to it.

Check out Kike San Martin’s website:

Kike’s art pieces will be displayed on the Digital Art Wall Curated by Haven Technical Director Ricardo Agudelo.

We will be celebrating the Birthday of Leon Morley.

Dinner Reservations are available.

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