Lords Penthouse Series Volume 1 Funhouse with DJ Vito Fun 2/11/12

Volume 1: Lords Penthouse Series Funhouse with DJ Vito Fun
Lords South Beach
Saturday, February 11
1120 Collins Ave
Miami Beach
RSVP required – rsvp@lordssouthbeach.com.

Lords South Beach is starting their second year out strong with a new party series. Lords Penthouse Series, presented by Societe Perrier, starts Saturday, February 11, with Volume 1: Funhouse, hosted by Tony Ferro and Pennyback Boyz. DJ Vito Fun will be spinning, and there will be complimentary vodka cocktails until 10pm.

The four-part Lords Penthouse Series will act as a look back at Lords’ journey, with each party representing a different facet of what makes Lords South Beach’s LGBT headquarters. Volume one is focused on fun, volume two on sexuality, and volume three on music. The final party will be a culmination of the series and a celebration of Lords and the LGBT community. The hotel will become the “Lords House,” and will throw a Paris is Burning-style ball. More details to come on the additional events.

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