Panther Coffee and Awarehouse present Beats and Brew at Artwalk V with Niki Em 1/14/12

Panther Coffee and Awarehouse present Beats and Brew at Artwalk V with Niki Em
January 14, 7-11
Panther Coffee
2390 NW 2nd Ave.

Enjoy a groovy + caffeinated stop at Wynwood Art Walk featuring some of Miami’s finest hand-crafted music + coffee.

Sets by:.
Axiom (Acustronic)
Niki Em LIVE 9pm

The first Art Walk of 2012 is here… we have a clean slate starting the year. This is not just any year, it is 2012! We have all been hearing
about this for decades – well, the future is NOW. Where are all the flying cars? the hovercrafts? the telepathic communication ? I propose we set our minds… lets do it; Just say YES! (sorry for the cliches but its true) Let us envision our brightest future and set our minds thus forward in a new world. One where our lives and our loves are our inspiration along with the sunset and skinny dipping under moon light…. If life is so short – WE MUST LIVE IT!!!

Art Walk, the second Saturday of every month is our platform for expressing just this! A movement has sparked, a sub culture , a boom of creativity and a transformation – a METAMORPHOSIS – of a burnt out, rundown part of town. The artists whose studios and work is displayed and gratified are the catalyst and we , the viewers breath them continuing life through our interest and inspiration thus creating a cycle of energy exchanged between us all.

Tomorrow is the first Art Walk of 2012 – I invite you to join the flow. The flyer attached has the address for the stage in the heart of this Wynwood Art Walk Movement. All this art inspires music and there will be a show after show from 7-11pm on the outdoor Panther Stage in the midst of galleries, graffiti and art shows. Dont be afraid to wear your bright colors, feathers and body paint… we would love for all of you to come out; even bring your friends and fam – to inspire and be inspired. //

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