Spain in the European Union Reception 5/9/11

Monday, May 9 (Europe’s Day), 2011, 7:30pm
RSVP: 305 448 9677
Spanish Cultural Center (CCEMiami)
800 Douglas Road, Suite 170
Coral Gables, Fl 33134
Free and free copy of the book, for all attendees

Reception courtesy of Consulate General of Spain in Miami

Welcome and Opening: Cristina Barrios, Consul General of Spain
Presentation: Joaquín Roy, Director EU Center, University of Miami

CCEMiami, The Miami-Florida European Union Center of Excellence, a partnership with Florida International University, and the Jean Monnet Chair of the University of Miami, cordially invite you to the book presentation: Spain in the European Union: The First 25 Years (1986-2011)

“Spain is the problem. Europe is the solution”. In this fashion Ortega y Gasset once dramatized the need to “Europeanize” Spain. The results over the first twenty five years of EU membership have been truly impressive. When Spain became a member of the EC, some of the best and brightest of Spain’s governmental cadres and universities joined the expanded European institutions, taking on positions of responsibility. Spain, in sum, “was not different”, contrary to what old-fashion tourist publicity for the country used to say. It was a European country that was returning to its natural home after a long exile. Spain received considerable benefits from EU membership. From an index of 60 percent of the European average in 1986, today Spain’s income per head is in the range of 105 percent, with some regions surpassing 125 percent. From being a country that was a net receiver from the EU budget, Spain today is a net contributor. Reflecting this development, the present volume examines different dimensions of the deepening relationship between Spain and the rest of Europe through membership of the EU (its history, and its impact on policy development on economic growth and on relations with third countries). + info