Free Lecture Event and Grand Opening 5/16-17/11

Brain Function & Learning Disabilities Free Parent/Professional/Teachers lecture
Monday, May 16, 2011 from 7:00 PM TO 10:30 PM
Biltmore Hotel
Coral Gables

Beverages and snacks will be served.
Everyone is welcome. Please bring anyone you know that would be interested in learning more about cutting edge research featuring how the brain learns and improving brain function.There will also be a question and answer session during that time.
Please RSVP to Thank you so much!

We will be hosting an event at the Biltmore Hotel on May 16, 2011 from 7-10:30 PM, as well as a grand opening event at our center on May 17, 2011. Dr. Mellilo will be lecturing at this event and he will also be available for question and answer from May 16 to May 17, 2011 (Monday and Tuesday). We respectfully extend an invitation to you as one of our contacts. We would love to have you attend!

Grand Opening Event at our Center
May 17, 2011
6836-B SW 40th Street
Miami, 33155
Tel: 305.665.9444
(We are located next to El Novillo restaurant in the Ludlam Plaza.)
Our main website is

My name is Dr. Iris De Jesus and I am the co-founder and center director of the first Brain Balance Center in the state of Florida (other centers are located nationwide). We are a center that uses a cutting edge multi modal approach to children with learning disabilities including higher functioning autism, dyslexia, AD/HD, PDD-Nos, Asperger’s, and other neurobehavioral disorders.

Brain Balance centers have been featured on TV shows throughout the nation and our co-founder, Dr. Robert Mellilo has done professional lecture tours/appearances (Dr. Mellilo just recently returned from California for Autism Speaks fundraiser event featuring Vanessa and Donald Trump, Jr.; April was Autism Month). He is the author of various books entitled: “Disconnected Kids”, Neurobehavioral Disorders of Childhood: An Evolutionary Perspective and his latest release (April 4, 2011) of “Reconnected Kids”. Univision has also asked to feature our center.

We incorporate the latest brain research into our programs to address sensory motor issues, cognitive dysfunction, processing disorders, visual-spatial organizational difficulties, nutritional components, developmental difficulties, etc. Because of our unique custom tailored program, intensive (but fun) approach, and our staff to student ratio (2:1) we are able to achieve results quickly.