Rum Renaissance Festival’s celebrated VIP Parties in Tobacco Road and Bacardi USA Headquarters By Betty Alvarez

The Rum Renaissance Festival presented a series of exclusive VIP parties where guests previewed some samplings before the actual Grand Tasting Event. At Tobacco Road, a Zafra VIP party went underway where guests sampled Zafra-inspired cocktails and sample some varieties of chicken wings hosted by the 100 year old establishment. Attendees also had the chance to play their luck on a simple game of Dominoes while mingling with friends and liquor sponsors.

After a good time at Tobacco Road, guests had another VIP party to go. This time was at the Bacardi USA headquarters in Coral Gables. Guest sampled delicious Cuban tastings as well as Bacardi inspired drinks made by the great Bacardi bartenders. The enthusiasm by these bartenders in creating the drinks made tasting them worthwhile. Invited guests and sponsored enjoyed the rest of the night as the non stop food was served and the drinks where flowing. These were some good VIP parties!

Photographs by Betty Alvarez copyright 2011