Miami Design Preservation League Notice of Annual Meeting 3/31/11

Miami Design Preservation League
Notice of Annual Meeting
March 31st, 6 p.m.- 8p.m.
Art Deco Welcome Center
1001 Ocean Drive

Mix & Mingle with MDPL Membership as our organization moves to elect the following slate of candidates for service on the Miami Design Preservation League Board of Directors.

2011-2012 Nominees for the Board of Directors of the
Miami Design Preservation League, Inc.
Gary Appel
John Bachay
William Cary
Roberto Datorre
Alex Denis
Meg Florian
John Forbes
Jane Gross
Kent Hamrick
William Hahne
Eric Holland
Jack Johnson
Michael Kinerk
Christina LaBuzetta
Clotilde Luce
Arthur Marcus
Nate Miller
Mitch Novick
Carla Probus
Steve Pynes
Mat Ruiz
Charles Urstadt

MIAMI DESIGN PRESERVATION LEAGUE (MDPL), is the non-profit organization devoted to preserving, promoting, and protecting the Miami Beach Architectural Historic District and all other areas of the City of Miami Beach where historic preservation is a concern.