After Process at Miami Beach Reception 3/6/11

After Process
Pip Brant, Amalia Caputo, Patricia Figueroa Sowers, Dinorah Rodriguez de Jésus, Odalis Valdivieso
Reception: Wednesday, March 9, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Miami Beach Regional Library
227 22nd St.
Miami Beach

Amalia Caputo, Tableaux, after Lovers, Magritte, 2007, c-print, courtesy of the artist.
The five Miami artists in this exhibition have adapted work for the Miami Beach Regional Library using processes that, like library cataloging, identify and re-process information that has already been codified or mediated. Using photographs, prints, video, altered film, and hand-dyed and embroidered fabric, they bring viewers into a new relationship with words and images from the news, philosophical ideas, reproductions of art historical works from fine art books, the natural environment as organized into civic parks, and an absent character re-invented through a series of videotaped interviews.

March 9 – May 17, 2011