Marek Hewryk Redefines European Luxury By Betty Alvarez

Canadian skin care specialist, Marek Hewryk, opened the most elegant and exquisite skin care boutique, HEWRYK with his two brands: Marek Hewryk and 4VOO in the epicenter of the “city beautiful” on Feb. 3 with a fabulous by-invitation-only red carpet event that was attended by city officials, dignitaries, A-listers and celebrities. Miracle Mile was the place to be- to experience the HEWRYK.

HEWRYK boutique offers a fresh, modern, and chic venue for both women and men to shop for luxury skin care products containing sophisticated ingredients. Taking a break from typical cosmetic stores that offer products for variety of tastes, HEWRYK boutique is designed to cater to women and men seeking exceptional quality skin care products with the most advanced formulations. Both brands, Marek Hewryk and 4VOO have been available in many countries in department stores such as Harrods in London, Galleries Lafayette in Paris, and Isetan in Tokyo. Never before had they been available together in a specially designed setting which fully reflects their creator’s philosophy. Now this will come to fruition in South Florida and in what many consider one of the most if not the most lovely area of the city.

In 2003 Marek Hewryk released 4VOO Distinct Man – a premium skin care line designed specifically for men and then in 2009 a luxury brand, Marek Hewryk for women. Since inception, both brands have become the world’s leading skin care treatment, contributing immensely to the burgeoning market of luxury skin care and cosmetics; they became favorites among celebrities and royalties. After surveying the landscape of skin care boutiques, Marek Hewryk discovered a powerful demand for new luxury and new ideas. “I wanted to provide women and men with an elegant new shopping experience – unlike anything they’ve felt before,” says president and founder, Marek Hewryk. “I know they’ll love my boutique, it’s sophisticated, it’s luxurious and it’s designed to compliment a glamorous lifestyle.” Owner commissioned work of very well know designers while creating his HEWRYK boutique.

Hewryk believes that personal touches he offers, like luxury shopping experience, personal consultations, or even development of fully customized skin care products will make a difference; of course the last one is by an appointment only. He already has an impressive list of his personal clients that adore his products. Hewryk had the dream to create a unique skin care boutique that would highlight his exclusive and luxury products for both women and men from which every single one was developed by him. As an applied chemist and biologist, Hewryk creates his products with the most sophisticated and powerful ingredients such as silk, pearl, orchid, numerous natural botanical extracts, and biochemically active peptides, some of them with platinum. He also developed Marekâ„¢ 116 a unique technology he employs in his product creation.

HEWRYK boutique is located at 57 Miracle Mile (breezeway) in Coral Gables and open from Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM. More information is also available on the web at:

Photographs by Betty Alvarez copyright 2011