MiMo Art Gallery and Custom Framing and Men Nou Galerie Exhibition Of Contemporary Haitian Art and Handcrafts 1/29/11

MiMo Art Gallery & Custom Framing, in collaboration with Men Nou Galerie, invites you to an exhibition of contemporary Haitian art and handcrafts
Opening reception: Saturday, January 29, 2011
Wine and cheese will be served at 4:00 p.m.
MiMo Art Custom Framing
738 NE 79th Street
Miami, FL 33138

From Saturday, January 29 through Monday, February 14, 2011

The exhibit will highlight post-earthquake art by select Haitian painters, sculptors and flag makers, and will also feature large-scale canvases by the renowned muralist Jerry Rosembert Mose. Among the prominent contemporary painters represented will be Maxan Jean-Louis, Magda and Ramphis Magloire – all well-known acolytes of the St. Soleil school of Haitian art. A group of younger artists from Jacmel will present their immediate response to the earthquake in the form of “rubble art” – a new medium of therapeutic and artistic expression that has already been featured in the New Yorker on-line and on Public Radio International (PRI).

Large-scale post-quake beaded flags depicting not only the horrors of the disaster but also the divine interventions of Haiti’s ancestral spirits to save lives during the event will also be a prominent part of the exhibit. Featured contemporary beaded textile artists will include Mireille Dlism, Evelyne Alcide, Roudy Azor and Nadine Fortilus.
Classic works by Wilson Bigaudv (Petit-Gove) and Louisiane St. Fleurant (Port-au-Prince/St. Soleil) will round out the collection of two-dimensional plastic arts. The next generation of Haitian artists will also be represented, through the works of Timoun Rezistans (“Children of Resistance”) – a collective of young artists from 8 to 18 years of age hailing from the slums of the destroyed capital, whose phantasmagoric cut-out appliqus from recycled tires are a fresh, new development on the Haitian art scene.
Finally, fine handcrafts produced since the quake by artisans struggling to survive amidst the rubble and under torn tents will be part of the exhibit, including works in bone, horn, wood, cut metal and recycled packaging materials.

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