Photographs of Art Lexing presents Growing Pains of a Lotus on 1/26/11

Art Lexing presents Growing pains of a Lotus on Wednesday, January 26, 2011.  All of the artist represented at this show are amazing, I’m not sure if I have a favorite I loved them all for different reasons.  If you get a chance go by and see the painting, it is worth it.

Art Lexing unveils the new year 2011 with a group show, Growing Pains of a Lotus presents five established artists from China. Artists Bo Yun, Cui Xiuwen, Maleonn, Wang Xiaojin and Ye Hongxing illustrate contrasting experiences in the life of the Lotus/Woman. These reflections are contemporary and ancient, reflections of modern times and the mysterious traditions of the Ming dynasty in China. Their works represent inspiring commentary on critical issues affecting today’s woman, including romantic love, transcience, self-discovery, youthful pregnancy…and life itself.

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