Annette Recommends Robert is Here

Robert is Here
9200 SW 344th Street Homestead,
FL 33034
(305) 246-1592

I just love going to visit Robert is Here. Robert is always there and willing to answer any questions you may have or help you pick out what you are looking for. Every time I go, I ask Robert to pick out a mango that will be ready to eat either that day or the next, and he has picked the perfect one every time.

One of the best thing there is the Good and Evil Pickles which is pickles, jalapenos and garlic cloves, and oh my gosh these are the best things ever. I can eat half a jar in one sitting, they are that good and a little spicy.

I have tried so many things and have pretty much love it all. They have great jams, jellies, honey, chutney, hot sauces and bar-b-que sauces. They have such a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and every time I go I have to buy a fruit I have never tried or even heard of. I could go on and on, but if you have not visited Robert is Here you really need to go, you are missing one of Miami’s greatest treasures.