Rough Draft 12/2/10

Rough Draft
12/2/10, 8pm.
Transit Lounge (Red Room)
729 SW 1st Avenue
We’ll be in the Red Room!

Only the purest exhibition of art through the sharing and cultivating of the creative process by way of freestyle. You create. It’s Witnessed. We Revolutionize. The music plays and the magic happens.

Get there early to be entered into a Raffle for FREE Drinks & Food

Please bring canned goods and non-perishable items
as we aid “Feeding South Florida”
in their efforts to help those who can’t help themselves.

Creatively. Creating. Creations.

Interested in creating? Contact Rough Draft Inc. or (305) 600-3097
Don’t forget to follow us for updates @ROUGHDRAFTINC

You write. You’re a Poet. An Actor/Actress, even. You’re a Visual Artist. You sing. You’re a Musician. You dance. Or you simply appreciate. Rough Draft invites all of you!

There is a catch –the artist will NOT have the ability to dictate the music that they create to. If Jazz is played, the artist will…
Write/Act/Paint/Sing/Speak/Dance/Play, a piece that evokes the tone/sounds/mood of jazz as they will with Rock, Country, House, R&B, Rap, etc.

It is all impromptu and provides other Artists and Appreciators the profound experience of sharing and exploring the creative process.