Art Basel Day 1: Art Basel had a great start in Coconut Grove By Betty Alvarez

It’s the week of Art Basel and what a great start it had in the great neighborhood of Coconut Grove. Many surrounding galleries opened their doors to what it will be the beginning to a great week full of activities, VIP openings and exhibitions for the yearly international event.

My walk started in the Coconut Grove Arts Fair Gallery where an exhibition called Natural Science was displayed. Many great works of artists on displayed. One my way to Cocowalk, I walked down Grand Avenue and went in AC Fine Art. A variety of Salvador Dahli works were on displayed. As I entered the gallery, I noticed that some renovations were done to make it look neat and organized. A very nice upgrade.

As I ventured into the Mayfair Promenade, I stopped by some artists who had their works being displayed outside. One of the works I found was made out of Buffalo cartilages. There were very nice pieces. I made my way to Artway 66 which the gallery had some very nice works. Very colorful indeed.

Finally we ventured into Rodez Gallery where George Rodez, owner, was displaying the current exhibition called “Exposed” where 11 artists joined forces to create one voice by bearing their souls in an exploration of self-identity through visual art and film. What attracted to me is that the colors were so clear and vibrant. It really blew my mind.

I wanted to explore the other Coconut Grove streets that I never had a chance to venture. One of the galleries was on MacFarlane Road called Max in the Grove. This gallery has a little bit of everything but mostly more modern contemporary art. Some Romero Britto art, small climbers statues, big cermamic art. It was amazing. On our way to Commodore Plaza we wanted to go to Blu Moon Studio of Art. Unfortunately we could not find it but let me talk about it later. Since I could not find the aforementioned gallery, I headed to Commodore Plaza where there were more galleries. On my way there, I stopped into Lulu’s Restaurant for a nice glass of Champagne. It was very tasty.

Off I went to Nomade Art Gallery where a big piece of wooden artwork welcome me as I entered the gallery. It was huge. It looked like a huge skeletal boat. Very interesting. Then I headed off to Cristina Chacon Studio Gallery where the owner gladly showed me some pieces of her current exhibition. On my way back, I was determined to find Blu Moon Studio of Art. It was just around the corner.

I am glad that I did. The owner greeted me with open arms and looked at the various artworks from her artist friends. The studio was small but quaint that served as the perfect venue for the perfect event.

All in all, Coconut Grove was a good place to start Art Basel week. I wish more people attended this first night but I do hope that this will become a yearly tradition. Congratulations Coconut Grove!

Photographs by Betty Alvarez