Queen Nanny Dance Workshop 12/11/10

Queen Nanny Dance Workshop
Saturday, December 11, 2-4 pm
4760 Pine Tree Drive
Miami Beach, Florida 33140

Taught by Choreographer Charmille Walters. The workshop consists of a fun-filled Caribbean dance class followed by improvisation and discussion. Nanny of the Maroons stands out in history as the only female among Jamaica’s national heroes.

Utilizing Nanny as a role model, the workshop guides participants in taking steps to:
*Increase self confidence
*Embody the Maroon warrior spirit

Space limited for this workshop.
Reserve your spot with online ticket.
Tickets: $20 at the door
Click Here To Buy $15 Ticket (via Paypal)

This workshop is an introduction to a future QUEEN NANNY series in early 2011. The series consists of 12 consecutive sessions meeting once a week.

Each session begins with Caribbean modern dance technique to improve movement capability in a fluid yet structured dance style; followed by experiential exploration with dance improvisation, drama exercises and discussions of Queen Nanny as a spiritualist and military leader.

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