Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Miami meets London 11/27/10

Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange: Miami meets London
Nov 27th, 8pm
The Awarehouse
550 N.W. 29 St
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Be a part of history when London and Miami officially swap nights! London’s nightlife scene explodes onto the Wynwood Arts District for one night only, so make sure you’re there!

Today, SMIRNOFF announces that on November 27, 2010, Miami will receive the best of London’s nightlife culture as part of The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project – a one-of-a-kind global experience in which 14 countries pair up to exchange crates containing the best of each country’s nightlife. In turn, London will receive the best of Miami’s homegrown nightlife.

Continuing on a mission to inspire and enable unique experiences, the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project has uncovered the best of global nightlife, and will now celebrate the outcome when two very different cultures collide to create something extraordinary. A community of more than 125,000 people from across the country submitted suggestions for what best characterizes nightlife in the U.S – from fashion trends and musical styles to locally inspired cocktails – via Facebook ( smirnoffus). Once all of the suggestions were in, DJ Irie, the U.S. curator and Miami Nightlife expert, selected the ones that best represented Miami’s vibrant and varied nightlife. These ingredients will now be packed into a crate for London to experience when the world swaps nights in an epic finale on November 27th.

It can now be revealed that London can look forward to experiencing a full-on Miami experience,, including a headline performance by Pharrell. The event will bring to life a Miami super club where attendees will have the chance to sip cocktails in a luxury bed bar, dance on the beach and experience laser shows, carnival entertainment and Havana bars that will take their breath away.

“I’m incredibly excited to see the best of Miami’s nightlife come alive for the people of London to enjoy responsibly. After some extraordinary suggestions on what makes the U.S. and Miami’s nightlife truly unique, the event on November 27th promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience. London, get ready,” said DJ Irie.

What can we expect to land in Miami? Having conducted a similar search for the best of their nightlife, rallying ideas from the public on best-loved music, favorite cocktails and upcoming local talent, London’s nightlife will be taking over downtown Miami on November 27th. Fans can expect to sample a taste of London via hot global DJ’s inside, an urban festival meets cool Britannia feel outside, and a unique British twist on the classic Smirnoff Mule cocktail.

To further involve the global community SMIRNOFF has created a new collaborative music platform Beat of the World, launching soon – involved and help create an exclusive track that will be played at the finale events on November 27th 2010. to allow people from the 14 participating countries to get

Available free online on Smirnoff’s YouTube channel (, the Beat of the World application enables fans to create their own music videos and share with friends with no formal musical or editing skills required. All of the user submissions from around the world will be collected together and excerpts will be used to create the global track – remixed to the melody of ’Thunderbird’ by The Golden Filter– which will be showcased at each of the 14 events on November 27th.

To receive more information about the London – Miami swap and to find ticket information for the Miami event, please visit