Rainbow City By FriendsWithYou, OHWOW and Dacra 12/2-5/10

Rainbow City
By FriendsWithYou in association with OHWOW and Dacra
December 2 – December 5, 2010
Opening reception Thursday, December 2, 2010 6pm.
3800 NE 1 Avenue / Miami Design District / Florida / 33137
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Rainbow City is an environmental installation addressing the potency of interaction, ritual, and play. Inspired by Holi, a festival effectuated by Hindu followers throwing brightly colored water and powder at each other, FriendsWithYou presents a vibrant collection of mutable, air-filled sculptures. Fabricated of intensely colored and receptive materials, the installation encourages visitors to be active and explore – subsequently, inventing their own ritual. The individual structures are simple, minimal forms, borrowing aesthetics from toy-like geometry and design, which tower over guests, as each element’s height ranges from ten to forty feet. By dwarfing the audience, the totemic pieces trigger a sense of reverence, similar to the visual objective of a monolithic monument. During interaction, the inflated sculptures “embrace” visitors, while repetitive sound elements further enhance the sensory experience. The overall installation creates a surreal landscape of psychedelic scenery intended to provoke a religious and childlike awareness, simultaneously. Rainbow City invites spectators to participate with a responsive environment, offering an opportunity to connect physically and psychologically with an energetic, yet ephemeral, setting.

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