Photographs of Dinner with Zacapa Rum Master Blender at Club 50 on 11/3/10

Dinner with Zacapa Rum Master Blender Lorena Vazquez at Club 50 on Wednesday, November 3, 2010.  As those of you who know me I like Tequila, but I am learning to like rum, especially after going to the last two Rum Renaissance Festivals.  We get to Club 50 and they have a special spiced rum punch made with Zacapa 23 year old rum, it had cloves, cinnamon and orange slices in it and was so yummy.  After mingling for about half an hour it was time for the presentation and dinner with Lorena Vazquez.  She told us about herself and what she does as a Master Blender and told us about the seven different rum we were about to taste, Un-Aged Rum, American Whiskey, Charred White Oak, Sherry, Pedro Ximenez, French Oak and the 23 year old Rum. My favorites was the American Whiskey and the 23 year old Rum.  Next we went on to dinner and I have to say it was amazing.  First course was Smoked Octopus paired with View from the top which is Zacapa Rum 23 with grapefruit and lime juice, honey ginger syrup and bitters.  Second course was Grilled Filet of Branzio paired with The Knickerbocker which is Zacapa 23 with Grand Marnier, lime juice and muddled raspberries. Third course was Braised Short Ribs (YUMMY) paired with Zacapa Old Fashioned which is Zacapa Rum 23, simple syrup, cigar bitters and orange bitters.  The forth and last course was Brioche Bread Pudding paired with Zacapa XO Neat.  Everything about the evening was wonderful, the food, the drinks and the company.  Thank you so much for the invitation and a chance to get a better appreciation for rum.

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