Anya Ponorovskaya’s Downtown Salon Opening reception 12/2/10

Opening reception on Thursday December 2nd 7-10pm
Anya Ponorovskaya
35 Northeast 40th Street
Miami FL 33137
Miami Design District
Tel: 305-677-5008

Art Basel Miami 2010: Anya Ponorovskaya brings downtown New York to Miami’s Design District during Art Basel week. Her salon offers a gritty mix of high and low, martinis and hotdogs as well as established and emerging artists. “It’s a spot to socialize and celebrate the essence of New York – the meeting between people” says Ms Ponorovskaya.

Her eponymous line of reversible silk dresses, cinched-waist coats, handbags and shoes are designed and produced in Manhattan where Ponorovskaya is based and has two boutiques “Art Basel week is our one-year anniversary in Miami’s Design District and I wanted to do something special to celebrate that” Ponorovskaya says. Downtown Salon is showcasing a radiant selection of contemporary New York City artists:

Richard Alvarez artworks are a celebration of women. Using pigment and glitter on glass, he produces sensualized busts of women with religious undertones. This image borrows from both high and low, looking as much like a scene from “American Beauty” as a depiction of St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

Barrie Cline’s body of silver work sculptures conjures up a cross between the film Metropolis and nature taking over – visceral, ceramic vessels, pushing their functionality and equilibrium to the limit and maintaining an interesting tension between the divisions of craft and art.

Downtown Salon also features:
Photography by Ani Berberian
Jewelry by Hollow Dancer
Illustrations by Erina Dempsey
Sculptural installation by Casey Zap
Live Music Performance by TBD