Art Asia Miami Art Fair 2010 11/30-12/5/10

ART ASIA Miami – Midtown

2901 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33137
Wednesday, December 1: 11 am- 6 pm
Thursday, Dec. 2, Friday, Dec. 3, and
Saturday, December 4: 11 am- 7 pm
Sunday, December 5: 11 am- 6 pm
Vernissage (for VIP members): November 30, 2010, 3 pm- 9 pm

Art Asia, the premier international Asian contemporary art fair is returning to Miami for its third edition. Moving from the Wynwood Art District back to its original location in Midtown Miami, the fair will be held from December 1-5 with a vernissage on November 30.

Art Asia was created in 2008 as the first fair in Miami dedicated to Asian contemporary art. Focusing on education programs, Art Asia brought speakers such as Jerome Sans, Alexandra Munroe, Alexandra Wang, Wu Hung, Melissa Chiu, and Vishakha Desai to the fair. In 2009, the fair returned with Leeza Ahmady, independent curator and director of Asian Contemporary Art Week. With Ahmady, Art Asia launched the exhibition Truly Truthful, which showcased internationally recognized artists whose work contested categorical presentations of truth and reality in the world. In addition, Art Asia presented a film from Yi Zhou entitled THE EAR, featuring Pharrell Williams. In continuation with last year’s special programming, this year’s Art Asia is showcasing a new and exciting series of special projects titled Art Asia Presents, comprised of projects selected exclusively for Art Asia 2010.

Art Asia Co-founder Jeffrey Lawson says, “We are proud and excited to produce our 3rd edition of Art Asia Miami. The Miami community as well as the international community has been tremendously supportive and enabled our fair to continue to grow over the past 3 years.” Lawson adds, “This year’s fair has a very strong line-up, with a focus on the complete Diaspora of Asian contemporary art.”

With galleries participating from Asia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East, this year’s Art Asia Fair is continuing in the tradition of exploring the innovative dimensions of Asian contemporary art. In two exciting exhibitions of contemporary art from the Middle East—Staging Identity: Performance and Irony in Contemporary Iranian Photography and The Contemporary Arabesque—Galerie Kashya Hildebrand will be showcasing artists such as Gohar Dashti, Asad Faulwell, and Ahmad Moualla in this year’s fair. Art Asia is dedicated to widening the scope of Asian art and is particularly excited to provide a platform for this unique regional dialogue.

Art Asia Presents
In continuation with Art Asia’s critically acclaimed curatorial programming from 2009, we will present a series of special projects featured alongside the galleries. Through this new presentation, visitors will experience the creativity and talent of Asian contemporary artists working both inside and outside of Asia.

For the first time outside of The Guild Gallery, The Guild Co-Lab will be presenting a series of projects intending to foster research within a wide social construct. Co-Lab invites political, creative, educational and socially active groups to exercise ideas within a critically constructive atmosphere.

Feizi Gallery will be presenting Li Xin’s Ecstasy. This mixed-media installation depicts the life of a virtual human, engaging in visual and spiritual experiments in the form of 3-D simulation.

Galerie Kashya Hildebrand will be presenting Traverse by Messon Pae Yang. This large-scale installation will explore the convergence of technology, desire, and personal mythology into a thickly layered stratum of images and objects.

Haleh Anvari / Gohar Dashti / Sissi Farassat / Shadi Ghardarian / Malekeh Nayiny / Afruz Amighi / Zoulikha Bouabdellah / Asad Faulwell / Susan Hefuna / Nja Mahdaoui / Ahmad Moualla / Leila Pazooki / Marwan Sahmarani / Danny Chin-fai Lee / Castaly Leung / Kevin Lik-yan Fung / Casper Chan / Song Soo Nam / Yoo Sun Tai / Jung Jong Mee / Kwak Seung Yong / Meeson Pae Yang / Jane Lee / Zahra Partovi / Zhang Yu / Shen Shaomin / Li Xin / James Clar / Huang Yan / Guolei Yuan / Ma Ye / KAORUKO / Qin Feng / Liu Fenghua / Han Yajuan / Lin Tianmiao / Zhang Dali / Zhou Nan / Zhu Ming / Yan Yinneng / Luo Qing / He Jian / Kong Weiming / Zhang Peng / Yue Minjun / Tang Hui / Xie Caomin / Bai Yiluo / Qin Feng / Cui Fei / Li Shan / Mao Yu / Shu Yan / Kim, Sun-Doo / Jung, Jong-Mee / Kwak, Seung-Yong / Ahn, Yun-Mo / Lim, An-Na / Sui Jainguo / Wang Guangyi / Wilson Shieh / Fiona Wong / Halley Cheng / Bovey Lee / Khaled Al-Saai / Yichu Chen / Ran Huang / Yu Kawakita / Tianbing Li / Ahmad Moualla / Jung Yeon Min / Nobuhiro Nakanishi / Klari Reis / Jiayi Song / Shi Jinsong / Jiang Zhi / Chen Ke / Ravinder Reddy / Liu Ding / Natvar Bhavsar / Nathan Slate Joseph / Hosook Kang / Anil Revri / Sohan Qadri / Robert Masao Yasuda / Hiroshi Senju / Baiju Parthan / K.P. Reji / Prajjwal Chowdhury / And More…

99° ART CENTER- Taipei, Taiwan; art company MISOOLSIDAE- Seoul, Korea; Da Xiang Art Space- Taichung, Taiwan; Dialogue Space- Beijing, China; Eli Klein Fine Arts- New York, United States; Ethan Cohen Fine Art- New York, United States Exhibit A- New Jersey, United States ; FEIZI Gallery- Shanghai, China GAGA Gallery- Seoul, Korea; Galerie GAIA- Seoul, Korea Galerie Kashya Hildebrand- Zurich, Switzerland; Gallery G-77- St. Petersburg, Russia; Gallery Oms- New Jersey, United States; Grotto Fine Arts- Hong Kong, China; Hat Art Fruit- Istanbul, Turkey; Karin Weber Gallery- Hong Kong, China Khankhalaev Gallery- Moscow, Russia; Kips Gallery- New York, United States Korea Art Center- Seoul, Korea; NARS Foundation- New York, United States New Gallery on Old Bailey- Hong Kong, China; NINE Gallery- Gwangju, Korea PIFO- Beijing, China; Sundaram Tagore Gallery- New York, United States; THE Gallery at NEW YORK- New York, United States; The Guild Art Gallery- New York, United States; Tyler Rollins Fine Art- New York, United States; Ullens Center for Contemporary Art- Beijing China; X-Power Gallery- Taipei, Taiwan; Young Art Gallery- Seoul, Korea