What’s What with The Webster

The Webster
1220 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL

By Talmage Thornhill
The Webster is undeniably cool. It has a pricey boutique with several different merchandise brands on the first and second floors. There’s a restaurant whose menu looks delectable, but so far I have only been tempted enough to try the rooftop bar and lounge.

Quite the chic sobe experience, everything about this place is hip: beautiful people, comfortable seating, exciting open view of Collins Ave from above, and eclectic, interesting music. In fact, the Thursday night DJ is one of the most creative cats spinning records I’ve heard in Miami in quite some time.

They have an excellent late night happy hour, during which cocktails are a mere $5. Paula, our cocktail server for the night, was as gorgeous as the bottle girls at Mynt and Mokäi but thankfully omits the snooty, I-deserve-all-of-your-money-and-you-are-lucky-to-be-here-attitude that too frequently accompanies so many of her contemporaries. The drinks are strong and there’s not a plastic cup in sight.

The bathrooms are downstairs, a bit far from the rooftop, but that’s the only thing that doesn’t basically totally rock about this joint.

I can’t wait to go back!