Vino Fino con Sabor Latino By Betty Alvarez

On August 19, Lexus sponsored a cooking demonstration event featuring renowned chefs Michelle Bernstein and Douglas Rodriguez. The evening started with a cocktail reception featuring wine tasting and appetizers. Since the event was held at the Building 4141 in the Design District, it served a great venue to host a party of this magnitude. As one entered the building, you were greeted by lovely dressed hostess who directed you to the wine tasting bar. After a sip of wine, one could get a glimpse of the Lexus automobiles showcase. The galleries that were house at the 4141 building opened their doors to the guest for their viewing enjoyment.

Michelle Bernstein began the cooking demonstration on how to create Shrimp Tiradito, a Peruvian inspired dish. It involved shrimp of course, aji amarillo, huancaina (yellow cheese sauce), and lastly a bit of her favorite popcorn. Samples were giving out and it was delish.

Douglas Rodriguez gave a good cooking demonstration of ceviche; another Peruvian dish. He demonstrated the ingredients and its secret key to cook it in: lime. Also he emphasized that when the fish changes color it meant that all the bacteria is killed. It was easy for him to make since the dish is always served raw. Samples were passed around and it was a delectable dish.

As the evening came to a close, Lexus goody bags were given to the guests as their good bye gifts. A wonderful event enjoyed by all.

Photograph By Betty Alvarez