Please Vote! Help bring $50,000 to the south Florida Arts!

Life Is Art has entered the Pepsi Refresh Project to bring $50,000 to the south Florida arts and community! Yes, you read that right, fifty-thousand dollars. That money goes straight to support you, the arts and community.

We need your help. We need you to show your support by voting. Vote ONCE (just once) per day. It literally takes 2 minutes to vote. You do have to sign up the first time, but it is fast. This is really important, it means real, big benefit to our community. This money will be used to directly enhance the south Florida art scene and the community at large.

Please, tell your friends and family. Vote once per day. Two minutes. This not only allows us to create several large and inexpensive art shows, but will be catalyst to give us the ability to create more of events, networkers, seminars, art showcases, and to create more value in the long term, directly benefiting our artists, as well as the community as a whole. It will allow us to dedicate more hours to our mission of helping the south Florida arts. Help us help you!

There is a description of the exact program on that page.

Thank you very much!