Gustavo Matamoros and Adalberto Delgado at The Reading Room 4/9/10

The Reading Room
A Temporary Space for Artists’ Books, Publications and Multiples
Friday, April 9, Noon – 2 p.m.
Main Library Children’s Room, 101 W. Flagler Street, Miami
With special guests:
Adalberto Delgado, filmmaker, artist
Gustavo Matamoros, experimental composer, sound artist, artistic director of isaw / Subtropics

The Reading Room, March 2010
Left to itself art would have to be something very simple – it would be sufficient for it to be beautiful. But when it’s useful it should spill out of just being beautiful and move over to other aspects of life so that when we’re not with the art it has nevertheless influenced our actions or our responses. – John Cage, from “The Aesthetics of John Cage: A Composite Interview,” 1987
John Cage made you realize that there wasn’t a thing called noise, it was just music you hadn’t appreciated. – Brian Eno
Safeness lurks wherever we turn… Show me dangerous music. – Lukas Foss
(all quotes from
On the second Friday of each month, a secret room in the Children’s Room at the Main Library becomes The Reading Room. In this cozy space, visitors can stop by any time between 12 and 2pm to get up close and personal with selections from the Library’s collection of artists’ books, publications and multiples. Experience these objects without having to look at them through a display case, engage in conversation over coffee and cookies, and see living-room style screenings of video and new media art (usually).
This installment of The Reading Room promises both discussion and activity. We’ll talk about a new project up right now at Sunny Isles Branch Library: In Parentheses – A Collaborative Site-Specific Installation by Adalberto Delgado and Maria I. Amores. In Parentheses uses video, sculpture and sound to explore the relationship between the interpretation of symbols and their meaning in language. And Gustavo Matamoros of will temporarily turn the space into an immersive environment in which to demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of sound.
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