Knight Brainstorming Night 3/7/10

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The 2010 Knight Arts Challenge is officially underway, with applications being accepted until March 15. Bas Fisher Invitational, a 2008 KAC winner, wants to help make sure your great idea is one of the winners. Head to the space this Sunday (Mar 7) from 7-10pm for a Knight Arts Challenge brainstorming session. Bounce your idea around, polish your wording and field feedback from fellow entrants. Extra bonus – stick around for a Zoolander screening after the session. 20 guests were confirmed as of Tuesday, get more info & add your name to the list here.
This Sunday, March 7th we will host a brainstorming session for all those interested in applying to the upcoming Knights Arts Challenge Grant. Come and bounce your ideas around, tighten up your wording and get feedback. Wouldn’t it be great if more individual grants were awarded?
start time: 7 pm
9pm we will be showing Zoolander.
180 NE 39th Street, suite 210
Miami, FL 33137
KAC Brainstorming session @ Bas Fisher Invitational: Sunday, Mar 7; 7pm; 180 NE 39 St, suite 210; Miami;
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