Irreversible Paloma Teppa, Ecoist, Facundo Poj, Contemporary Artdimension Wynwood Best of 2/13/10

February 13, 2010 – 2nd Saturday Wynwood Gallery Walk
Please join us for cocktails & bites enjoy a 10% discount in selected merchandise
& discover “A Magical Garden by Paloma Teppa…” 2511 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33127

IRREVERSIBLE/Lucinda Linderman project collaboration: Inspired by the discarded things around me, I transform material thought of as waste into a sculptural object. Constantly frustrated by my over-consumption and production of plastic waste from consumer goods, I upcycle my trash to create sculpture resembling organs in the body.

Plant the Future by Paloma Teppa

The Original Candy Wraper Handbags Ecoist
In early 2010, Ecoist opened their first retail location in Miami’s historic Wynwood Arts District. The space, designed by the Ecoist team, gives shoppers the ability to experience Ecoist first hand. With showroom fixtures made from the raw packaging materials used for the handbags, the space is part retail, part art installation, all Ecoist. 2519 NW 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33127 in the Wynwood Arts District.

Artist Facundo Poj presenting his eco-friendly furniture lines.

“Wild & Ready” (42 ” feet) BY ALEJANDRO MENDOZA Artist/Curator

“The creation of Giants in the City was born out of my desire and necessity to express my work into a giant scale and to give art accessibility to a massive interaction in all sectors within the community. Art public exhibits are fascinating to everyone.

Artdimension – Contemporary Art Gallery
Alain de la Cruz Andy Rivero Bayona Campins Darwin Enrique Wong Michel Pérez (pollo) Niels Reyes Orestes Hernández Osvaldo González Raúl Cordero Ruslan Torres Sandor González Vanessa Guash
2527 NW 2nd Avenue / Miami FL, 33127.