Red Cross Fundraising for Haiti at River Lounge at Epic Hotel 1/15/10

In partnership with the RED CROSS, we are organizing a fundraiser for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.
This exceptional event is a chance for the Miami community to contribute financially and to make a difference in Haiti.
More than 20 promoters joined efforts together along with Celebrities, members of the Consular Corp, City Officials, Media representatives and Philanthropists (List of the hosting committee to follow).
A suggested $20 donation at the door + ALL our usual % on the sales will be given to the RED CROSS.
River Lounge will provide one complimentary drink for every donation.
Music by DJ Louie Habibi.
Together, we can make a difference!
We count on you,
Ana Isabel & Eric
Hosting Committee:
Ambassador Dr. Volker Anding, Julio Iglesias Jr., Alto Reed, Dr. Ralph Heyndels, Pamela Fuertes, Kamal Hotchandani, Pierre Economacos, Laurence Bigio, Simone Cavalleti, Bruce Orosz, Frederique “Ika” Leveque, Emeline Alexis, Christopher Dupuy, Christophe Caucino, Mathieu Massa, Calvin Kohli, Aaron Resnick, Laurent Bourgade, Nicolas Clichy, Vladimir L. Jean, Ricardo Ralph Lopez, Stephan Morris, Lyndon Smith, Miki Prada, Christiana Van Ryn, Ruben Campbell, David Saada, Juan Carlos Perez, Samina Rind, Steve B. Harmon, DJ Louie Habibi, James Echols, Randall Sanz, Alex Alanis, Jonathan Estrello, Gabriella Di Falco, Valerie Bihet, Cher Leeanne, Pascale Valy, Miguel MacKenzie, Karim Guessous and many more.