Puppets Theater By Bambalina At Prometeo Theater 1/30/10

DATE: 01-30-2010
Program to promote Spanish culture
CCEMiami and Prometeo Theatre of the Florida Center for the Literary Artspresent:
Saturday January 30, 8pm
Puppets Theater for the whole family
At Prometeo Theater
300 N.E. Second Avenue, Room 1101
Miami, FL 33132

“Trees give us shade, fruit, flowers, medicine, oxygen… and paper. We were asking ourselves where the soul of a tree converted into paper could be hiding. One thing occurred to us: make the folds sing. This gave us some sounds that led us to notes for a primary musical scale, the tone of which, once unfolded, magically rebuilt the rustling of the leaves in the trees, the murmur of waves on the seashore, the crackle of fire or the thunder of a summer storm. No longer can we put off the need for a playful and vital spectacle that will simply deal with our love for things and people. Quite simply, letting us move on, without artifice or ambiguities without great pretensions. And that is what gave rise to Kraft, like a primary idea, like a kid’s thought, by pilling up paper and cardboard for a big game”.

Artistic Team:
Script and stage direction: Jaume Policarpo
Musical direction: Jesús Salvador “Chapi”
Actors: Merce Tienda, Óscar Jareño/Josep Mª Zapater, David Durán/Vicente Arlandis/Jaume Policarpo.

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