Community Vibes 5 Super Bowl Weekend with EA Sports NFL Players and more 2/6/10

With the turn of the new year, Gamertag Radio is excited to be bringing more to the community with Community Vibes 5. GTR is pulling out all the stops to make this a necessary come-to event for the gaming and podcasting community. Be ready as GTR brings you EA Sports attendees who will be blogging the event live and bringing some of their awesome and exclusive swag. So be prepared for the free stuff.
Watch out as our EA guys will also be bringing it on and beating down the competition in challenges and fun. Remember that Gamertag Radio’s Community Vibes is not just a huge party, but a chance for anyone and everyone to score some free stuff. Win a Xbox 360, games, t-shirts and more as companies send in the swag. There’s nothing to lose!
As Community Vibes 5 takes place the day before the Super Bowl, there’s plenty of celebrities in town for the festivities. Bring your cameras because NFL players will be making an appearance to mingle with the crowd and enjoy some gaming goodness. Keep watch at for more goodies and surprises on the way. You will not be ready for what we have prepared for you!
WHAT: “Community Vibes 5”
WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 6th, 2010
WHERE: Ecco Lounge: 168 SE 1st St. Unit 1A, Miami, FL 33131
WHO: and You
COST TO ENTER: Nothing, nada!
About Gamertag Radio:
Gamertag Radio (GTR) is an online radio show dedicated to the Xbox Live community and intended to help unite all online gamers. Over the past few years GTR has grown from a small website to one of the biggest & most respected gaming information sites on the Internet. The show features a new episode every week hosted by Godfree (Founder of Gamertag Radio). Members of the staff that appear regularly on the show include Paustinj, LadyLuck & Peterocc along with other members such as Miss Irie, Baked Ant, Tr3ks and Anjo Banjo who all share the same passion for games.