Montserrat Franco as Betty Boop at the Cabaret Extravaganza in Sobe Arts 1/8-10/10

Celebrate the new year with a fresh and compelling multimedia arts cabaret, and be the first to experience an intimate new performance space in the heart of Miami Beach’s cultural arts district. This limited-run opening event will be a feast for the senses, combining theater, music, and animation with bar and tapas from the sublime Red Light restaurant. Under the artistic direction of Carson Kievman, shows will run at 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays and 7pm on Sundays from January 1st to the end of Art Deco weekend on January 17th.

The Grand Opening Cabaret features musical and visual elements from the 1930s and 1940s, around the time the 1937 theater was first built, but adds surprises along the way. “We want to honor the historic nature of the theater,” explains Dr. Kievman, “but at the same time we’re looking to create a very contemporary experience. We’ve interspersed the original torch songs with theatrical vignettes from other eras, and together they make for a bizarre and compelling look at relationships.” There will also be scenes from the popular “Tunes ‘N Toons” production that was commissioned by Miami Beach to close November’s Sleepless Night event, combining esoteric live music from the 1930’s with classic film animation and live action.

Starring actors Montserrat Franco, Ivette Viñas, Andres Lefevre, Philip de la Cal and featuring Montserrat Franco as Betty Boop, Andres Lefevre as Cab Calloway’s Ghost. Created & Directed by Carson Kievman. Conductor, Robert Chumbley – Keyboards, Kiki Sanchez – Clarinet, Paul Gordillo – Tenor Saxophone, Juan Silveira – Drums, Tony Suarez – Bass, James Quinlan

Little Stage Theater @SoBe Arts is an intimate space that will provide seating for approximately 60 cabaret patrons so sell-outs are anticipated. Click here to purchase tickets. For more information or to reserve seats: (305) 674-9220