Photographs – Art Basel Week – Thursday 12/3/09

Art Basel Week on Thursday, December 3, 2009.  Our first stop for the night was Pulse Miami, the Bottle Rockets were performing and they where very good.  Our next stop was Graffiti Gone Global by Sushi Samba, wow this was an awesome exhibit.  The art was fantastic and we got to experience live graffiti art, on both word and a girl – very nice.  This one is worth going too.  our next stop was Fo-Ci Art Fair, this a very nice fair, they have some really good art, but must warn you they have a film that you may wont to skip (I did).  The Spam Allstars where playing and as always they where Great.    For our next stop we went to Satallite Art + Design Exhibition at the Miami Art Space, this is an awesome fair, the art work is amazing and the setup is very nice.  This one is good one to put on your list.  Now we go onto Vanguard Gala Party at Aqua Art Miami, as usually this was a fabulous party.  This is one of my favorite fairs every year.  Meet some fabulous people from New York, The Nursery – booth 22, the art just made me smile.  Now we go to the Miami’s Independent Thinkers Inaugural Show at the Mitrani Warehouse.  For our last stop of the night was at a secret show at a secret location, if you find it you will be in for a very fun exhibit.  They had a room with lasers and a room with mirrors and a jail.  Good luck and good  hunting.  For the better gallery, click here.  By Annette Peikert