Photographs – Art Basel Week – Wednesday 12/2/09

Art Basel Week on Wednesday, December 2, 2009. The first thing we did was run by the Art Basel Miami Beach Vernissage. You will not be seeing any photographs from that. After a hassle in the media registration, we were told that no cameras were allowed (though our media badges have a camera on them). So we bailed fast and got the fun underway! We first stopped by Red Dot in Mid-Town and this one is great, the artwork is fantastic.  Then we moved on to the Design District and stopped by 101/Exhibit Gallery and as always they had a really good event.  The food was simple but really good (the pigs in a blanket are always a hit with me).  They also have a good variety of different styles of art.  Next our friends at BRPR had a launch party at a new boutique Anya Ponorovskaya, she is a designer from New York and her designs are very beautiful.  Now we  headed over to O.H.W.O.W., and of course it was fabulous, there were so many people and the artwork was awesome.  There was also a celebrity siting, Iggy Pop.  As we where heading over to Art Whino we saw a house that was so decorated for Christmas, had to stop and take a picture.  We made it to Art Whino at Charcoal Studios, you have to stop, it is a small fair but well worth the stop.  Now we head over to the beach for a couple stops, our first stop on the beach was Ocean Front (where Art Positions was the last several years, which was on of my favorites) I was not impressed with it, but it might be for some people.  Our last stop for the night was the after party for Primary Flight at The Shore Club,they had live graffiti artists,  music and a wonderful crowd, taking place around the pool, can not ask for  much better than that.  For the better gallery, click here.   By Annette Peikert