Krasa Fine Arts at Fountain Art Fair 2009 12/3-6/09

“Face It: A Place for Portraiture in a Technologically Advanced Society”

Fountain Art Fair Miami 2009
2505 N. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33137

Exhibition Dates: Dec. 3-6, 2009; 11am – 7pm
VIP/Press Preview: Thu Dec. 3 11am – 7pm
Artist’s Reception: Fri. Dec 4 7pm-Midnight

Krasa Fine Art

List of Participating Galleries at Fountain 2009:
Boltax Gallery – Shelter Island
Brooklynite Gallery – Brooklyn
Glowlab – New York
Grace Exhibition Space – Brooklyn
Greg Haberny – Brooklyn
Jon Frum Foundation – Brooklyn
Jonathan Shorr – New York
Krasa Fine Art – Miami
Leo Kesting Gallery – New York
Milk Gallery – New York
Sara Nightingale – Shelter Island
Super/Prime – Brooklyn
We-Are-Familia – Brooklyn

About Fountain:

Fountain was launched in March 2006 in New York in an effort to leverage support for independent galleries overlooked by the larger, corporate-sponsored art fairs. The name “Fountain” is a nod to Marcel Duchamp’s controversial sculpture which shook up the art world when it was rejected by the Society of Artists’ exhibition in 1917.

Similarly, in defiant contrast with The Armory Show, Art Basel Miami Beach, Pulse, Scope and the numerous other international art fairs, Fountain has received wide public support and critical acclaim for its experimental slant favoring large, open and ambitious installation spaces. In form and spirit, the artwork exhibited at Fountain reflects the avant-garde attitude of the Dada art movement, while attracting the attention of the international clientele and top collectors who attend the more traditional fairs.

Artnet – the most widely read art site on the web – describes Fountain: “Likeability and chutzpah used to be what art was about. That, and a little guerrilla mentality, which you had at Fountain in spades. This is the place where you reminisce about the good old days, when you did it yourself, when inspiration and magic struck like a bolt from the blue.”